DominoContact Benefits

No software or servers to maintain
Going Web-based means there's no software you have to install and no servers to manage on your end. Everything is handled by our commerce engine saving you time, effort and money.

Easy-to-Manage Email Lists:
Manage your emails and email lists with easy online tools. (more copy here)

Eliminate exposure to viruses and the hassle
Having your lists and activity all originating from your offices exposes you to the latest viruses and other computer network problems. With DominoContact everything happens off-site, on secure servers, with a professional staff.

Get it done, On Demand and On time
At DominoContact were act as your outsource email marketing specialists. We can typically get you up and running in a day saving you employee time and other resources. All email marketing campaigns launch dates are scheduled in advance so you know what to expect. Our turnkey solutions put you are in the drivers seat, controlling the peaks in your business sales and your destiny.

The cost savings
Web-based email marketing campaigns, like many web-based services, lower the costs for each individual customer while increasing the efficiency and sales of the organization.At DominoContact your email marketing campaigns cost a fraction of what they would if done in-house.