Terms and Conditions

Our terms are designed in compliance with anti-spam regulations. By using DominoContact you are agreeing to the conditions described below.

DominoContact Anti-Spam Policy
DominoContact is a permission-based email marketing campaign service with a zero tolerance for spam. Spam is unsolicited email. We all recognize it clogging our inboxes as annoying but it's also illegal. DominoContact has a zero tolerance spam policy that we take very seriously. User accounts will be terminated if they send unsolicited email messages. Users will be fined should their spamming activities create issues with our mail servers.

Privacy Policy
DominoContact has created this email privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information.

DominoContact can only be utilized to send emails to people who want to receive them and have provided their permission as such. This means purchased/harvested/otherwise acquired lists are not permitted and their use is grounds for terminating an email marketing campaign. As such, we reserve the right to monitor your lists periodically to assure they are in compliance with our Terms of Use.

Valid email recipient lists are typically your customer list or:

  • People with whom you have a business relationship
  • People who have signed up for your email newsletter or other communication via your website
  • People who have otherwise requested your emails
  • People who have given you an email address in a promotion and have been advised you will contact them via their email
  • People who have been your Customers in the past 18 months

DominoContact's permission policy is part of the Terms of Use agreed to by every DominoContact customer. By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

Protecting your Data
We hold two types of data for each account holder, your confidential account information and your subscriber(s) lists. Simply put, your data are maintained on our servers and we treat it as confidential. As part of managing your email marketing campaign, we require this data. Upon termination of an account, both account information and subscriber lists will be deleted.

Under no circumstances will DominoContact share with, sell to nor rent your data to anyone unless ordered to by a court of law. We strictly maintain them as private and confidential.

Your privacy, and the privacy of those receiving your emails, is extremely important to us. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, if you believe you have received an unsolicited commercial email from DominoContact on behalf of our clients, or if you suspect our privacy and permission policy has been abused in any way, please contact us at Abuse@DominoContact.com.

Prohibited Content
DominoContact expressly prohibits the use of its services to support any activities which include pornography, hate-speech, and/or illegal products or services.

Cancellation Policy
At any time, either party may cancel a DominoContact account in writing. To cancel your user account, make your request in writing to Accounting@DominoContact.com.

Note that subscriptions to our service are paid in advance and Amounts Paid are not refundable. As such, any cancellations that occur in the middle of a payment term will be become effective on the last day of the subscription term.

Also note that, as stated in our Privacy Policy, upon termination of an account all account data will be deleted. If you would like a copy of your account data include your request in your request for cancellation.

Credit Card Cancellations or Declines
We reserve the right to cancel your account in the event of an expired credit card without other form of payment. We will contact you via email you to provide notice of a cancelled or declined credit card. We will cease any scheduled campaign(s) and after 3 business days delete account data permanently. Charges will accrue to your account up to this point and you will remain responsible for paying all charges in accordance with your subscription. Delinquent accounts will be assessed fees for collection. After 2 months they will be sent to a collection agency.