Getting Started:
Your email marketing campaign can bring you a better ROI than traditional advertising. One way to assure it is to start a campaign with some planning.

For tips on putting your ducks in a row, review Getting Started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why email marketing?
It's no secret that email marketing is the most cost-effective way to market your company's products and services.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to generate measurable results and build strong customer relationships. Benefits include:

  • increase sales, lower costs, increase efficiency
  • build brand awareness
  • increase customer loyalty
  • cost-effective and efficient with ROI
  • maintain top-of-mind awareness with your customer
  • at a typical cost of only a few cents per message, a bargain compared to traditional direct mail. Response rates are strong, ranging from 5-35% depending on the industry and format (compare to response rates for traditional mail averages in the 1-3% range)

How does it work?
At DominoContact we believe what the research states - your return on an well-done email marketing campaign can range from 5-35% depending on the industry and format (compare to response rates for traditional mail averages in the 1-3% range). We make it simple - Create, Launch, and Manage your campaigns with flexible, straightforward services.

What if I don't have a marketing strategy?
Need a little more? Need to bounce some ideas around? Contract DominoContact to refine and shape your online marketing strategy and lock down the ROI on your email marketing campaigns. Contact Us for details.

How do I get started?
Getting started on your email marketing campaign is easy. First, choose a Standard Template or have us Customize your own. Then, login, insert your text, upload your email list and SEND!

Getting down to the details:

  • Your account set-up includes an easy import of your email list or Outlook address book. You can segment your list into different groups, or sublists, depending on what message you want to communicate to each.
  • As you create an Email to send, or general newsletter, you can also create variations and save them. DominoContact's powerful Visual Editor features let you edit the subject and content of the newsletter on the fly. See your changes as you make them.
  • Take advantage of the Tracking Feature which provides details on open rates, forwards, bounce backs, and click thrus.
  • Have peace of mind that Unsubscribe requests are processed but you still have control over your list.
  • Publish your email to your email list instantly, or set it to send sometime in the future.

Is it OK to buy an email list to use with my DominoContact email campaign?
We do not allow rented or purchased lists to be used as our Anti-Spam Policy prohibits unsolicited email messages. DominoContact services are only available for permission-based email lists. Need some tips on developing yours? Contact Us and we'll get you started.

Can I use the email addresses I have in my Outlook Address book?
Yes. DominoContact accepts both .CSV and .XLS file formats. These detailed instructions (see below) will guide you through the process of exporting your email contacts from Outlook.

I want an easy way to add to my email list. What about an email intake form?
Absolutely. We'll set up a form for you to input email addresses to your list. All input email addresses will automatically go to your Master List. Need more? Let us know and we'll customize it for you.

Uploading your email list to Domino Contact involves only a few steps. Download our Email Upload template HERE and add entries to the corresponding columns. If your list is in Outlook, export to excel first [LINK], then copy/paste into the template. Finally, select the file on your computer and click the Import button. Your list is in your account!

How do I add new email addresses to my distribution list?
It's easy to add more emails to your account list. Just enter into the Add field and click. Your emails are added to your Master List.

What if I want to change my email message?
Updating your message is really easy. Simply login and select the Manage Issues option. Select the issue you want to make changes to and click Edit. Easily make and see your changes in real time using the Visual Editor.

How do I get my own design with my logo?
Choose compelling Standard and Custom templates to present your message, as many as you need. Your flexible layouts present your News, Promotions, or Announcements in an attractive format. Include your company Logo and colors to increase your brand and propel your marketing message. DominoContact will create your custom template in as little as 2 business days making it easy to communicate with your customers and create new business!

But, I don't have a logo...
You can get started by using your business name. Need a LOGO? We'll design your new logo and incorporate into your Custom template.

I dont have a I need one?
If your emails are selling a product/service you need to link them to a website where they can get information on how to buy your products/services. Need website design? We're backed by the best website company in South Central Texas, Altair Technology. Contact Us to get started.

Detailed instructions for Outlook export:

  1. From the Outlook main menu, select File, then Import and Export. The Outlook Import and Export Wizard will display.
  2. Choose Export to a file and then click Next.
  3. Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.
  4. Choose to export from the Contacts folder and click Next. Note: If your email list is in an Outlook Personal Address Book, convert your email Personal Address Book to the Contacts folder first. (See instructions below or your Outlook online help for more information.)
  5. Type a unique file name (ex: "MasterList") and click Browse to choose where you?ll place the exported file. Click OK to close the "Browse" dialog box.
  6. Click Next and then Finish. The new CSV file should now be in the location that you specified.
  7. Open the file in MS Excel and edit to show only email addresses and subscriber names. Save as Master List to avoid confusion.
  8. Copy respective columns of information to the Email Upload Template, save, and upload to your account using the Import Recipients option.

Instructions to import your Outlook Personal Address Book entries (varies according to your version of Outlook - for more assistance see your Outlook online help):

  1. From the Outlook main menu, select File, then Import and Export. The Outlook Import and Export Wizard will display.
  2. In the Import and Export Wizard choose "Import from another program or file" and click Next.
  3. In the Import File Window scroll down and choose "Personal Address Book" and click Next.
  4. Under Select destination folder, select "Contacts" and click Next.
  5. Finally, confirm the actions to be performed and click Finish.