A New Brand of Thinking

We partner with our clients to help frame their business communications with a strategic vision that effects change, sparks growth and enhances brand identity. We support the efforts of your brand, infusing it throughout every touch point of the business, beginning with its company communications. Every missive is created with your Brand in Mind. DominoContact helps your customer picture things differently. They'll see something more than was there before - Ideas. Opportunities. Possibilities. Welcome to a new Brand of Thinking.

Do you have weak positioning?

It's our experience that the vast majority of small business brands suffer from weak positioning. Is yours one of them?

To find out if your Brand needs some attention, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can your internal team members, partners, and customers recount your Brand's positioning without prompts?
  2. Are your customers immediately drawn to your tagline? (this is the phrase that should succinctly encapsulate and best reflect a Brand's core statement)
  3. Your Brand. Your Differentiator. Does your positioning unquestionably differentiate your Brand from your competitors? (Hint: if you can substitute a competitive product name in place of your Brand in your positioning statement and it still works, that would be a 'No')
  4. Are you putting your Brand to good use - incorporating into all of your collaterals, email marketing, website?
  5. Do you think your Brand is doing as well as it could? Not sure?

If you responded 'No' to at least one of these questions, we can help your business enhance its Brand Identity.

Contact Us. We engineer highly focused, differentiated email marketing campaigns with your Brand in Mind. Shed the cookie-cutter templates offered by some email marketing tools and put your Brand to Work for you.